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NBC's Mysterious Origins of Man


Program that Dares to Challenge Accepted Beliefs About Pre-Historic Man to be Rebroadcast June 8 on NBC

On February 25, 1996 NBC aired a one-hour prime-time special, The Mysterious Origins of Man, hosted by Charlton Heston. Controversy exploded in the academic community following this telecast. Much of the material for the program was taken from Forbidden Archeology,featuring interviews with co-authors Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson on the show.

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The Mysterious Origins of Man was produced by the BC VIDEO team: Bill Cote, Carol Cote and John Cheshire.

Copyright 1995 Carol Cot

The grooved spheres from South Africa, found in strata dating 2.3 billion years old, were featured on NBC's Mysterious Origins of Man.

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Controversy exploded in the academic community with the telecast of The Mysterious Origins of Man last February. Professors of science and anthropology from some of the nation's most prestigious colleges and universities voiced strong opinions about the validity of the special, which challenged long-accepted beliefs about man's beginning.

The program presents evidence suggesting that man may have made the climb from Stone Age to civilization more than once; that present-day man is just the latest in this cycle; and that Darwin's Theory of Evolution has some serious flaws.

"We expected some controversy when we produced this show," says producer Bill Cote, "but were not prepared for the enormous cry of outrage from some members of the scientific community."

Copyright Carol Cote 1995

Charlton Heston: "We've seen a broad range of evidence, some of it highly speculative. But there are enough well documented cases to call for a closer look at the conventional explanation of man's origins."

The following are excerpts from more than 250 email messages that flooded MOM Producer Bill Cote's website ( in response to the show:

"I wanted to take this opportunity to commend you on your COURAGE in producing such a show. I know from personal experience the depth of passion raised when you question the Theory of Evolution. My problem with the people with whom I have debated on the subject is not so much that they believe what it is they do, but that they are so damn dogmatic about it. In many ways, the scientific establishment has become the secular analogue to the adherence to orthodoxy which they so claim to despise in favor of their freedom to question everything. Apparently, that freedom stops when one begins to question THEIR most cherished beliefs. I applaud you."
(MB, Winchester, MO)

"Shame on you. I watched your show, The Mysterious Origins of Man on Sunday night. It left me horrified, angry and depressed. I remember as a child, Sunday night was a family night in front of TV; NBC's Wild Kingdom and The Wonderful World of Disney....You would be astounded by how little Americans do know about human evolution and now we'll have millions of American children believing that man lived beside dinosaurs when in reality we are separated by 60 MILLION YEARS...."
(KC, Northwestern University)

"Fantastic show! It is about time alternative interpretations and hidden evidence is brought out into the open for the public to see for itself. The response from the scientific type community is expected because it shows a lack of rigor on their part. The last thing they want to look like is incompetent or worse, not objective. Please don't let anything or anyone stop you in the future from airing shows that present alternative views. Thank you."

"I missed the first showing of "The Mysterious Origins of Man" and would like to know when and if there are any plans to rebroadcast. I was able to read a review in the electronic newsletter ISCNI*FLASH. I enjoy this type of programming. It is very refreshing to be informed of alternate points of view. I have a degree in Geology and found early, when a student, that the establishment would ignore the evidence if it didn't fit their preconceived ideas. Keep up the good work."

"I just read your response to the earlier criticism of your show, and find your track-covering pathetically amusing. Standing on your hight horse tisk-tasking the establishment, all giddy about the furer you kicked up, cleverly knocking down all your straw men. Yes, all we scientists have been misleading ourselves and everyone else for years! We ruthlessly squash dissent from our all-powerful theory of evolution! Give it up. You wanted money, and you wanted ratings, you wanted scientists to respond, and you got it..."
(HF, Scientist and Human Being)

"I thought it was an excellent program.....I kept thinking to myself, 'At last, they are starting to present to the *uninformed* American public many of the strange, inconsistent, and *unpublished* conclusions of the evidence found, or known about from scholarly interpretations of ancient sacred writings."

"I am truly dismayed at this particularly steamy pile of rodent remains. What your program presented as 'very reliable alternative theories' are nothing but bizarre speculations by people whose only gain must be by selling a book..."
(CB, Canadian Academic)

"Please don't let the scientific community dictate what information the receptive public receives....The scientific community tends to reject anything it doesn't understand or can't reconstruct or objectively prove in the laboratory. There are many more open-minded professionals and individuals who do not have such biases and welcome information such as you have apparently presented. Freedom of information should not be restricted by such prejudice. Thank you for your initiative."
(BS, Attorney at Law)

"...Your network has done a great disservice by airing this pseudoscientific garbage. It is disheartening to think of how many people watched Mysterious Origins in a prime Sunday evening slot, while truly high quality programs such as Nova and Nature are relegated to much smaller audiences on PBS..."
(JK, New Mexico State University)

"...I have never seen such unadulterated hogwash in my entire life....If you present outrageous theories, then you must present someone with an opposing view to create a balanced presentation. If you cannot present this type of an investigation, then you should be forced to have a flashing graphic saying 'Entertainment Value Only', just like the Psychic Friends network has to do. I will be writing to my congressional delegation, the FCC, and the President to argue that legislation should exist to force you to do this....."
(TH, New Mexico State University)

"...I will be boycotting all of the sponsors of this program, and I will be encouraging others to do the same. I *don't* encourage censorship of this type of thing. In fact, I would encourage science teachers to show this program in their classrooms, followed by a thorough debunking...."

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