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Michael Cremo's 2021-2022 Events Schedule

April 1-4, 2022 Presentation at the Living Truth Summit in Mt. Shasta, California
Other presenters include Tricia McCannon, Peter Moon, Doshi Rich Van Don, Swaha Ron and Tison, Rob Potter, Dr. Raymond Andrew, Keller II (Venus), John Shinn Lisa-Dianne and more...
This event offers both in person (150 tickets available) and live stream options
Mount Shasta Community building (Masonic Hall) 629 Alder street, Mount Shasta, California. Call 530-925-5551 for info & tickets.

Friday - Sunday October 15-17, 2021 Presentation at the Earth Origins 2021 Conference in Sedona, Arizona

EO IV Webinar available at

For full details please visit: