About BC Video
BC Video is a New York based film and television production company.
Founded by Bill Cote, it also includes his wife Carol and their partner John Cheshire.
BC Video specializes in making credible films on incredible subjects.


After learning the film and video craft from making thousands of commercials and dozens of episodes of America's Most Wanted, Cote started to explore alternative ideas in his films.  In 1992 he worked with Richard C. Hoagland to produce and direct Hoagland's Mars: The United Nations Briefings that explored the controversial "Face on Mars" still in the news today.

Then came The Mystery of the Sphinx, an NBC Special hosted by Charlton Heston.  John Cheshire joined the Cote's in this Emmy Award-winning program which opened the doors for much future research about man's history by presenting new evidence which challenges existing paradigms.  The Mystery of the Sphinx presented the work of John Anthony West that the Sphinx may be thousands of years older than Egyptologists tell us, based on the geological evidence of water weathering.

Copyright 1994 Carol Cote
BC Video Crew: John Cheshire, Bill Cote, Carol Cote
The BC Video Crew on assignment at the Sphinx site
John Cheshire, Bill Cote, Carol Cote

Following the success of the Sphinx, BC Video went on to produce another radical NBC Special, The Mysterious Origins of Man, also hosted by Charlton Heston.  This show was seen by over 20 million viewers when it aired in February of 1996.  Mysterious Origins presented the work of many ground-breaking researchers such as Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods), RIchard Milton (Shattering the Myths of Darwinism) and Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson (Forbidden Archeology).  This new breed of scientists have dared to challenge the accepted ideas about man's origins and rise to civilization by presenting clear arguments, supported by hard evidence, that man may be millions of years older than history tells us, and demonstrating that Darwin's theory of evolution is not completely supported by the evidence.

This controversial special explores some of the bizarre anomalies documented in Forbidden Archeology, such as the Klerksdorp Spheres: metallic balls with un-natural grooves etched around their equator, found in rock strata dated 2.8 billion years old.  The story of Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre is profiled - she is a geologist who dated the age of spearpoints found in Mexico at 263,000 years and was subsequently censored by her academic peers because her findings were inconsistent with accepted theories of man's arrival in Mexico.

Currently, Bill, John and Carol are following their curiosity and taking the next logical step after The Mysterious Origins of Man.  If man did not evolve by accidental mutations, as currently believed, then how did he originate?  Their new project, ET Origins, will look at the possibility that the human race was the direct result of genetic manipulation by an extra-terrestrial civilization.  This seemingly outrageous concept is supported by many of man's oldest myths and legends, as found in the Dogon Tribe, in Mali, the Native American traditions of the "Star People" and the millions of claims from people all over the world that they have been visited by aliens.

Bill and Carol are also celebrating the birth of their first daughter, Sophia Jane, in March of 1998.  "Her name means wisdom in Greek," says Bill, "and I hope some of it rubs off on us."