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December 17, 2013

Issue No. 18

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”  –Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear Friends: Winter Solstice Greetings—May your inner spiritual light illuminate the darkness!  Lori Erbs, Newsflash Editor

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NEWS – Michael Cremo Sirius Appearance

NEWS ROUNDUP – Discovery of 400,000-year-old Hominin in Spain

FORTHCOMING EVENTS – Michael Cremo returns to Coast to Coast


MCREMO.COM – Travel Diary update: Toronto, Joshua Tree and Sandia Cave





Michael Cremo Sirius Appearance


Michael Cremo appeared in the film Sirius, an unprecedented documentary about UFO and other coverups released by Never Ending Light Productions. For more info please visit:


Human Devolution dvd


Michael Cremo’s presentation on Human Devolution from the 2008 Earth Transformations Conference in Hawaii is now available on dvd from Michael Cremo Media. Also, the first 108 people to order the My Science, My Religion book will receive a free copy of Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, a true spiritual classic.  To order please visit:




Discovery of 400,000-year-old Hominin in Spain


Scientists reported the discovery of ancient human DNA from a femur fossil dated at approximately 400,000 years unearthed at the Sima de los Huesos excavation in Spain. Complete story at:

Stone-tipped Spears Pre-date the Human Race


A team of archaeologists from the University of California at Berkeley have uncovered remains of the oldest known stone-tipped throwing spears from the Ethiopian Stone Age site known as Gademotta —dated at 280,000 years old.  Full story:

1.8-million-year-old Fossil Skull Found in Dmanisi, Georgia


The discovery of a 1.8-million-year-old skull of a human ancestor buried under a medieval Georgian village provides a vivid picture of early evolution and indicates our family tree may have fewer branches than some believe, scientists say.  Go to:




Michael Cremo Coast to Coast Interview


Michael Cremo returns to Coast to Coast for another riveting interview with George Noory at 11 pm Pacific time on Wednesday, December 18. Full show info at:


All India Conference for Science and the Spiritual Quest


Michael Cremo will lecture on Puranic Time and the Archeological Record at the All India Conference for Science and the Spiritual Quest Feb 1-2, 2014 at the India Institute of Technology – Benares Hindu University in Varanasi, India:






Over the past couple of weeks, numerous people have sent me links to articles about DNA research results from a femur discovered at the Sima de los Huesos in Spain. Most of the headlines to the articles are variations of this: "400,000-year-old human DNA poses mystery."  Many people know that I believe humans like us existed further back in time than most scientists are now prepared to accept. Most scientists believe that humans like us first appeared less than 200,000 years ago. So, perhaps thinking that the reports from Spain support my ideas, people send me the links. However, we have to understand that when scientists and science reporters use the word "human" in connection with the discovery from Spain, they do not mean humans like us. They mean more primtive human ancestors or relatives of human ancestors. Most scientists attribute the 400,000-year-old bones from Sima de los Huesos to early Neandertals, or to Homo heidelbergensis, a European relative of the apeman Homo erectus. But in my book Forbidden Archeology I documented fossil evidence showing that humans like us were present in Europe at 400,000 years ago. For example, in the nineteenth century, the French archeologist Jacques Boucher des Perthes found an anatomically modern human jaw in his excavations at the Moulin Quignon site in Abbeville, in northeastern France. According to modern geologists, the formation there is about 400,000 years old. So there is evidence that humans like us were existing 400,000 years ago in Europe, but the recent evidence from Spain is not it—at least not from what we know from the current reports. update



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Letters to



Dear Mr. Cremo,

Did you hear about the giant foot print 200 million years old discovered by Michael Tellinger in South Africa ? I'm amazed with this discovery. You should go to South Africa to see this foot print in loco. Mr. Cremo, did you discover very old giant foot prints and bones during your researches ? Does the Vedic literature tell anything about giant human beings?

Best wishes



Michael Cremo responds:


Yes, I have heard of the footprint. One problem is that the footprint is in granite rock, which is not a sedimentary rock. It is an igneous rock (rock that was molten minerals).  Footprints are normally made in sedimentary rock. The Vedic literature states that in past ages, humans and other living things were of larger size. There are some reports of discoveries of human bones of large size, but they are difficult to verify.



Dear Mr. Cremo,

I am a cellular and molecular scientist and now businessman…living in Canada. My background includes studies in anthropology in Egypt and South America and other ancient archeological locations in human evolution. I am related also to John M Knowles, an author and also well respected debater and researcher in Egyptology, anthropology and world religions and philosophies. We are close friends with John Anthony West, author,  Egyptologist and guide.

I have read your Hidden History of the Human Race and found it extremely educational. As a scientist whose work has been published, I completely agree with your perspectives that science, and in particular Anthropology, is innately centralist, protective, biased and prejudicial and, in essence, "non-scientific". Your approach, in contrary, respected the evidence, approached it with open mind and addressed the discoveries and history with facts in the light of day. Your conclusions were sensible, if not arguable, but the point is the debate is open and not closed-minded. You have done science immense credit and I thank you. Let the healthy debate continue.

As you may already be aware, there are a number of skulls that have been discovered over the many decades past called "Cone Shaped" or "Oblong". They come from antiquity but not fossilized - more modern, within 2000 years or more. They fall into two particular categories and I am sure, in your dealings with anything anthropological, you may have come across them.

The prejudice, again from Anthropological circles of science, has been to try to explain these off as "human skull manipulation" (in essence human skulls that have been elongated through tying and "boarding" the skulls in infancy). While certainly, this practice was followed by some, unfortunately, there are at least two factual issues that conflict with this theory on the majority of "Cone Shaped" skulls discovered.

First, the skulls, have only two plates, not three, as in all human skulls and unique morphological details including unknown to homo sapiens' skull nerve attachments amongst others. This fact alone is shocking, compelling, ground breaking and one which shakes the very core and foundation of all anthropological thinking since the age of Darwin. Second, the brain capacity is far greater than the human brain case has ever been. In short, the cavity is too large to be explained as changing the shape of a human skull. To put it simply, one cannot add 25% and more to any human cranium skull simply by changing its shape.

This is a morphologically different race of humans not yet even categorized officially by current science. It has a completely different physical morphology measured and clearly visible scientifically (hence capable of taxonomic classification based on morphology alone) plus a uniquely and consistently larger morphological spacial cranial capacity than categorized Homo Sapien skulls have. While admittedly, there are "gigantic" Homo Sapien skulls discovered with somewhat larger brain capacity (giant humans), the morphological characteristics of the lack of a third skull plate is undeniable...and yet science wishes not to address this. You may visit a museum in Peru to see them on display and there is more to discover on the skulls as well. In addition, Tutankamen's skull is another along with his family's bloodline with Nefertiti and Akhenaten - like the Peruvian skulls, all considered "Royal Family" type skull types of the, then, ruling classes of each of their societies. With your credentials as an investigative writer, I am sure you could access the skulls worldwide that are not on display due to, again, anthropological insecurity and fear of truly open scientific dialogue.

If you are aware of this and are currently working on studying and writing on these anomalies (found worldwide, not just in Peru where the largest cache was discovered in a grave setting), then I am pleased to hear this. I believe the world requires a proper accounting from an author that has gained some credibility and reputation in this area of challenging the elitism but doing so in a respectful, intelligent and truly "scientific" manner.

If you have not properly been introduced to this topic or, if you have but are looking for good leads, I include 3 videos in this email that are publicly viewed (youtube etc.) and are well wrought to give some leads to doing the research. Do not be disposed to viewing them based on some beliefs that they may be from extraterrestrial origin and "alien skulls", so to speak. I am open to all forms of thought on this but the fact of the skulls' existence is undeniable and dealing with it in terms of simply categorizing them scientifically in anthropological terms as a new type of human skull has been the issue of my discussion and, hopefully, yours.

I hope to hear back from you that you and Richard Thompson are combining forces yet again to tackle this ground breaking topic. I welcome to open any discourse with you and Mr. Thompson on this topic and any assistance I may offer in excelling its open discussion or in helping in the research. It has been a pleasure to enjoy your work and, at no time more than ever, do we need more of this.

I hope to hear from you.

Credible and well wrought unbiased Videos from and on Paracas History Museum, Paracas Peru oblong skulls on display (by Lost Inca Tours)-

And a general video which deals with the oblong skulls of royal Egypt that Anthropologists, Evolutionists and Creationists do not wish to address for fear of what debate will ensue:

Kindly yours,

Richard Knowles, B.Sc., Sn. Associate                                                                   

Michael Cremo responds:


Dear Richard Knowles,

I have not done any extensive research on the conehead skulls, and do not anticipate doing so in the near future. Alternative archeology is a big field, and no one person can deal with all of it. I have my particular area of interest that I have focused on.  I think Brian Foerster has done extensive research on the skulls. But you also seem to know quite a bit about them, and you could become one of the experts on this topic.

Sincerely yours
Michael A. Cremo

PS. Richard Thompson died a few years ago.















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Hi Michael,


Just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs on "Lost Knowledge" yesterday. We share such a similar passion for the cosmos and an understanding to what is the real essence of life, especially beyond earth.
I am…[sending you two]…photos of…
one of our mysteries... a stone "head" that was found on our 150 acres of land here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. There are others things here that indicate there may have been a culture that lived here yet unknown to our current generations. I have belonged to NEARA (New England Antiquities Research Association) for several years. I feel as if the land has an agenda all of its own…
…Any time you are in the New England area you are always very welcome to visit.
Again, thanks so much for following the passion that is in your soul. It is making a big difference in the world!!!!


Michael, what do you think of this?  I know of no other?



"The Soul Stone" (height ~ 7 cm), quartz-veined biotite gneiss cobble, described as a natural cameo, was found in a back country stream southwest of Burnsville, northwest of Mt. Mitchell, Yancey County, North Carolina.   Several viewers have suggested that this figure resembles the "Bride of Frankenstein" (1935) as played by Elsa Lanchester.  L. D. Fink who found the stone, named it on the basis of its "mystical appearance" but adds that it also looks like an Egyptian or Hun lady who is looking at you over her shoulder.  (© photo by Lewis D. Fink).  Mark S. Frumkin, a professional jeweler and trained in hand engraving who has examined the  stone, thinks the pattern was hand enchased by someone using metal tools -- But,  "the graver marks I found seemed to me to be as old as the piece, almost as if it were done in another age or time. ... not modern."


Lewis Fink
Charleston SC

Much Thanks!


Michael Cremo responds:

It is an interesting object. If the engraving marks are confirmed, the next question would be "when were they made?" Given that it is a cobble stone found in a stream bed, that is hard to say.




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