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January 11, 2007
Issue No. 13

People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security
deserve neither and will lose both.

-Benjamin Franklin
Hello friends. We're looking forward to the new year and new
paradigms of thought, action, and potential. We look forward to
hearing your voice and ideas so as to stimulate critical thinking
and networking amidst our diverse community of Forbidden
Archeology compatriots!
--Lori Erbs, Newsflash Editor.
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NEWSHuman Devolution author tour of India
NEWS ROUNDUP Redating the "Little Foot" fossil
FORTHCOMING EVENTS Denmark book tour
MCREMO.COM website update


Kachoris in Kerala, Danish in Denmark, Cake in Cascadia

The abridged edition of Forbidden Archeology, The Hidden History
of the Human Race
is now available in over 20 languages! Human
is following suit, with foreign language editions published
thus far in Bulgarian, Polish, and Russian, with Hungarian in the works.
In Fall 2006 Michael Cremo embarked upon a successful tour of
India to promote the India (English) edition of Human Devolution.
For complete details please visit his travel diary:

Michael Cremo Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree

The Bhaktivedanta College for Religious Science of Budapest,
Hungary presented an honorary doctorate degree in Science
and Theology to Michael Cremo for his scholarly contributions
to this and other institutions.

Laughlin Human Devolution Lecture by Michael Cremo

The historic lecture delivered on Human Devolution at the
Spring 2006 Laughlin UFO Congress is available in dvd or
VHS formats at

Cremo on Google Video

A delightful overview of Michael Cremo’s Concordia lecture in
Montreal can be found at:


Fooled by "Little Foot"?

A key fossil found at South Africa's Sterkfontein Cave, a site
dubbed "the Cradle of Humankind" for its trove of hominid
relics, is far younger than initially thought, a new study says.

Scientists Fight Efforts to Hide Pre-Human Fossils

Leaders of Kenya's six-million-strong Pentecostal
congregation are lobbying Kenya's national museum to
relegate its world-famous collection of hominid fossils
showing the evolution of humans' early ancestors to a
back room, claiming this display is prominently touted
as a fact when it is just one theory. Richard Leakey
called this "the most outrageous comments I have ever
heard." Full story at:

Bhaktivedanta Institute Founder T. D. Singh Passes On

Dr.Thoudam Damodar Singh, one of the founders of the
Bhaktivedanta Institute, died on Monday, October 2, 2006
in Calcutta, India after suffering a massive cardiac arrest.
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Forbudt Arkaeologi

The intelligentsia of Denmark will host Michael Cremo in February
2007 for a promotional tour of the Danish edition of The Hidden
History of the Human Race
.   Check Events calendar for details:

Forthcoming Media Interviews with Michael Cremo

Out There TV interviews Michael Cremo as does
Believe It or Not (2-4-07) radio in February 2007.  
Check his interview schedule for these and other shows:


In 2006, during my lecture tour of South Africa, I visited the
Sterkfontein Cave, which is the place where the Little Foot fossils were
found. The Cave is advertised as the birthplace of humankind, which is
typical pro-evolution propaganda. Millions of years ago, the limestone
caves at Sterkfontein had some openings to the surface through which
small animals sometimes fell to their deaths. One of those unfortunate
creatures was "Little Foot," a variety of australopithecus. When Little
Foot was announced to the world some years ago, its discoverers thought
it was about 3.3 million years old and that it was ancestral to modern humans.
Now it turns out to be only 2.3 million years old. The scientists who did the
new dating say this suggests that in terms of evolution Little Foot was an
extinct side branch. So it seems Little Foot has been kicked out of the Cradle,
so to speak. Little foot is no longer our ancestor, which makes Little Foot
seem a lot less cute. Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that even at 3.3
million years, Little Foot, the apelike australopithecine,  was not our ancestor.
There is abundant evidence, documented in my book Forbidden Archeology,  
that humans like us were existing at that time, and long before. So Little Foot
was never our ancestor. Little Foot was just some poor little ape that fell into a
cave and died two or three million years ago, at a time when humans like us
already existed.

Michael A. Cremo
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FORUM: Comrades in the Evolution Revolution

Letters to

Lloyd Pye took issue last night (11/23/06) [on Coast to Coast radio] with
the devolution theory citing genetic materials converging toward an
apparition date for Homo Sapiens of 200,000,000 years or so.
What say you and do you have genetic data to back up your archeological
finds ? If not how do you plan to respond to genetic challenge ?
Please advise

Michael Cremo responds:

Genetic dating is based on lots of highly questionable assumptions.
First, the rate of genetic change has to be calibrated to give age estimates
in years, and that is done by looking at the usual kind of fossil evidence
that fits the evolutionary pattern now dominant in the world of science.
Second, the current genetic diversity among humans does not represent
all the genetic diversity among humans in the past. Many genetic lines are
not represented in the current human population. It is thus quite possible,
in fact almost certain, that genetic lines from more ancient human populations
are not represented in the current gene pool of humans. So the dates arrived
at by trying to trace current genetic diversity back to some most recent
common ancestor are flawed in two ways. The calibration may be based on
some false assumptions about the fossil record, and, second, there may
have been human ancestors going much further back in time than the most
recent common ancestor for all the genetic types now in existence. And this
is in fact confirmed by the fossil evidence for extreme human antiquity. So
those are just a couple of points. I treat this question in great detail in chapter
four of my book Human Devolution.

For the record, I like Lloyd Pye. We've met a few times. As for any differences
of opinion, my habit is not to get into tit for tat debates. I figure people can
read my books and read his and make up their own minds whom to believe.

But if you are interested in the genetic dating question, I would advise that you
read chapter four of Human Devolution and see what you think.

Sincerely yours,
Michael A. Cremo

Dear Michael,

I am writing from Lithuania and would like to know the process of knowledge
filtration more elaborately. On your interviews you’ve been often mentioning
about it. Is it kind of secret society or public organisation? Or its partucular
mood ("faith") amongst the majority of scientists? How it happens in details?
Who is profiting from it and how?

Would you like to come to Lithuania?

I am very gratefull for your works and discoveries.

Michael Cremo responds:

The process of knowledge filtration is my way of speaking about something
that philosphers and historians of science have understood for a long time--
that theoretical preconceptions often influence how evidence is treated.
Reports of evidence that conform to dominant theories pass through the
filter very easily, which means students read about this evidence in their
textbooks, people see scientists talking about it on tv, etc. But reports of
evidence that radically contadict the dominant theories are filtered out. We
do not hear much about them. For example in archeology, we find that in
the primary reports of archeologists and other scientists there are accounts
of discoveries of evidence for extreme human antiquity. But these reports
from the primary literature (the original scientific reports of individual scientists)
are sometimes missing from the secondary literature (textbooks, etc.). Why?
They don't fit the theoretical preconceptions of the textbook author. It is not
that the person doing the filtering thinks that he or she is concealing true
evidence which if it became known to people would cause them to disbelieve
the dominant theory. Rather the authors just think something must be wrong
with this evidence, and therefore it is not worth mentioning. There are other
factors that influence the process. One is just human nature. If I love somebody,
and someone tells me something that contradicts my beliefs about the person
I love, then I do not want to believe it and I may even become angry with the
person who tells me, even though what the person is telling me is really true.
On another level it has to do with power. The evolutionists now have a monopoly
in the education system and scientific institutions in most countries. And we
see that people who have monopoly power do not like to give it up very easily.

For example, if one political party has a monopoly in the political life of a country,
it does not want to give up its position. And there is a deeper reason, which also
has something to do with power. There are various kinds of power in this world:
military power, political power, economic power, and intellectual power. Intellectual
power is very subtle but very real. Those who possess it have the ability to give
direction to a society, nation, or our whole worldwide human civilization. It works
like this: the goals we set for ourselves, individually and collectively,  are determined
by the answers we give to the questions "who am I?" and "where did we come from?"
For the past century, through their monopoly in the education system, the Darwinists
have had the power to dictate to us the answers to those important questions. And
the answers they give are very materialistc. They say we are just a combination of
chemicals, we are just another kind of animal. It is not surprising, therefore, that our
whole worldwide human civilization has become very materialistic, concentrating on
the production and consumption of more and more material things. This process
generates lots of wealth that goes into the pockets of the scientists who invent weapons,
drugs, and consumer products, into the pockets of the industrialists who manufacture
and sell all these things, and into the pockets of the governments that tax all this economic
activity. There are forces that wish to see this focus on material production and
consumption continue, and it all depends on people having a material conception of the
self (this is provided by the Darwinists).

What if we had a different set of answers to the
questions "who am I?" and "where did I come from?" What if all our leading scientists
and educators were telling us we are beings of pure consciousness from the realm of
pure consciousness. That would result in more human energy being put into developing
the resource of consciousness, through different process of contemplation, meditation,
and yoga, and that would mean less human energy going into the process of ever
increasing material production and consumption. There are those who would not like
to see that happen. So those are a few thoughts.

As for coming to Lithuania, the first step is to see that one or more of my books is
available to people there in the Lithuanian language. So the first step would be to find
a publisher who is willing to bring out one or more of my books in Lithuanian. The two
books that should be introducted in Lithuanian are The Hidden History of the Human
and Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory. If the books are
printed in Lithuanian, then I would like to come and speak about them at universities
and to the general public, especially through interviews for newpapers, magazines,
radio, and television.

Sincerely yours,
Michael A. Cremo

Dear Mr. Cremo,

Ancient human footprints were found in Leshotho South Africa. 
Archaeologists seem to ignore or refuse to admit what they see.

Send us your stories about those anomalous skeletons
discovered in the back yard! We are looking for solid,
well-documented evidence, but all accounts are welcome.
Send to:

The information presented here is not necessarily endorsed
by Michael Cremo or the Forbidden Archeology Newsflash
editor.  All material is shared in the spirit of open and free
inquiry to our unique cadre of evolution revolutionaries.

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