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June 21, 2003
Issue No. 9

“The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity
but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities, that makes it seem
inconceivable that other ways are viable, that removes the sense that there is an
--Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind
Hello friends and comrades--happy Summer Solstice! It's been awhile,hasn't it?
Between production work on Human Devolution and Michael's global whirlwind tours,
we've been very busy. But the sequel to Forbidden Archeology is forthcoming and
everyone is very excited about it--we expect you will be too! As always, we welcome
your contributions to facilitate critical thinking and networking amidst our diverse
community of Forbidden Archeology compatriots.
--Lori Erbs, Newsflash Editor.

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NEWS - Michael Cremo's tours of Bulgaria, Russia, India
NEWS ROUNDUP Ancient Skulls Found in Ethiopia
FORTHCOMING EVENT Michael Cremo co-chairs section
at World Archaeological Congress June 2003 in Wash, DC
MCREMO.COM website update
ANOMALOUS DISCOVERIES: Update on anomalous columns


Forbidden Archeologist Beaten in Remote Russian Camp

April, 2003.  Michael Cremo emerged unscathed after being repeatedly beaten by
birch branches in a remote forest camp along the Nyumba River. When questioned
whether this was a form of retribution from reactionaries to the radical ideas
presented during his recent Russian Media Tour, he explained that it was rather an
ancient cultural tradition employed by Russian countryfolk to improve circulation after
steaming in the banya, or Russian equivalent of the sauna. For complete travel details
go to:

Exploration Commences Near Tiruchirapalli, India

February 2003. Initial investigations were conducted at the Shri Rangam Temple complex
in South India by Michael Cremo and an Indian archeological team to study the age of this
ancient monument.  Complete story and pictures at:

Michael Cremo Tours Bulgaria

Sophia, Bulgaria - May 2003 The foreign edition of The Hidden History of the Human
Race is a bestseller in Bulgaria. Co-author Michael Cremo appeared on national television,
radio, and other media, along with lectures at Universities and Academies and book signings
during a successful Author Tour of Bulgaria. For more info see

Pravda Article: Which Way Does Evolution Go?

Moscow April 25, 2003 An article in the Russian Pravda newspaper noted the sensation
created by Michael Cremo’s recent tour of Russia. Famous American Michael Cremo,
the author of the world best sellers Forbidden Archeology and The Hidden History of the
Human Race, delivered a lecture at the Ethnology and Anthropology Institute of the Russian
Academy of Sciences. Go to:
for complete story.


Ethiopian Skulls Boost African Origins Theory

Skulls found in Ethiopia by an archeological team led by Tim White of the University of California,
Berkeley, are said to be the oldest modern human fossils found yet. The 160,000-year-old bones
boost the theory that our species arose in Africa. White's team has assigned the specimens to a
new subspecies, H. sapiens idaltu. Complete story available at:

The Crystal Skulls of the Himalayas

23 crystal skulls and 3 sun disks were recently found near what some believe to be a 10,500 BC
site of a Sirian campsite. The new twist to this story, originally released in 1938, alleges that
the crystal skulls discovered in the wreck of this lead spacecraft's crash are associated with the
Dropa people. For more details please see:

Surveillance Oversight and Disclosure Act

The American Library Association strongly endorses pending Legislation, the Surveillance
Oversight and Disclosure Act,(HR 2429) introduced on June 11, 2003. ALA believes this bill
will increase public oversight and review, the protection of established civil liberties, and
government accountability pertaining to some provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act.
Please see: for more on this.

Natives Try to Persuade Lawmakers to Protect Sacred Sites

Willard Rhoades, a spiritual leader of the Pit River Indian nation, is part of a growing nationwide
American Indian movement that seeks to restrict sacred sites from developers, energy
companies, archeologists and graffiti artists. (excerpt from an article by Stephen Magagnini
in the Sacramento Bee Tuesday, June 17, 2003)


Cremo Co-chairs Session at World Archaeological Congress

Washington, D.C. Michael A. Cremo is co-chairing a Session on The History of Archeology
in the Service of Isms along with Ana K. Martins at the Fifth World Archaeological Congress
(June 20-27, 2003).

Coming Soon: The Sequel to Forbidden Archeology

September 28, 2003 is the official release date for Human Devolution, the long-awaited
sequel to Forbidden Archeology. Advance autographed copies are available now on a limited
basis (offer expires July 31, 2003) Please go to: for more info.


Recently I toured Bulgaria, lecturing at scientific societies and universities, and also
communicating with the public through radio, televison, newspapers, and magazines.
One of the places I spoke at was the Bulgarian Academy of Science's department of
experimental morphology and anthropology. How the invitation came was interesting.
I also spoke at an alternative science organization called Phenomena, which focuses
on extraterrestrials and other paranormal topics. A relatively openminded scientist
from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was there, and asked me if I wanted to talk
at her department, the one above mentioned. Of course, I agreed. To me, the event
and how it came about were significant. First of all, I take it as a vindication of my
communications strategy, which is to stay in touch with all kinds of intelligent people,
whether or not they are mainstream scientists. I believe that we are in the middle of
what I call a renegotiation of our fundamental picture of reality, including, especially,
our picture of human origins. And there are many parties to that negotiation. The
mainstream scientists (believe it or not) are one party to this negotiation. But there
are other parties, including the alternative science groups (like Phenomena), members
of traditional wisdom groups, and others. I try to stay in touch with all of them.
Secondly, I take the invitation I received as another sign of the growing diversity
within the scientific world itself. According to outward appearances, some scientists
may appear completely "normal" in their outlooks and actions. But we increasingly
find that by day a scientist may be working on some normal projects, but at night
may be delving into forbidden topics. I have seen many cases of this, and I take
it as one more sign that the now dominant worldiew is in the process of changing.

Michael A. Cremo
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FORUM: Comrades in the Evolution Revolution

Letters to
Question: I am a Ph.D student. I was interested in knowing if the phenomenon of crop
circle formation has any explanation from the Vedic viewpoint. What conclusions can
be made from it? I really appreciate your work on Forbidden Archeology and Dr.
Thompson's work on Alien Identities. And I look forward to reading your book on
Human Devolution. Please let me know what your opinions about crop circles are. Thanks.

Michael Cremo's Answer: I cannot claim to be an expert on crop circles, but I do
have some thoughts on them. Even orthodox science has a program for searching
for extraterrestrial intelligence. The assumption is that intelligent beings in other parts
of the universe may be trying to communicate with us (or just anyone who might
happen to be out there somewhere). So there might be many ways in which they
might try to communicate. Our scientists, who have developed means for transmitting
information in the form of electronic signals, assume that intelligent beings in other
parts of the universe would most likely be communicating in the same way. But that
may not be an appropriate assumption. The assumption of how intelligent beings
might communicate with us is in turn based on certain assumptions about the nature
of the universe and the nature of the living things that might be found in that universe.
To put it briefly, modern assumptions about the nature of the universe are matter based,
rather than consciousness based. Although the matter might be arranged in ways that
are somewhat complicated, as quantum mechanics and relativity theory and even more
arcane theories such as string theory indicate, still the assumption is that we are dealing
with some form of matter, or energetic transformation of matter. If there is any talk of
dimensions, we are talking about mathematical dimensions which govern the
arrangement of matter, and nothing more. But there may be more to it than that. We
may be in a consciousness based universe, where there are real dimensions accessible
to beings with different levels of consciousness. And beings at these different levels
may indeed be trying to communicate with us, perhaps by means other than radio
signals that can be picked up by radio telescopes. The Vedic literatures describe
many types of conscious beings who live at different levels of what we might call a
cosmic hierarchy of beings.At the topmost spiritual level, exists God and his
eternal associates. but below that are various levels of material reality, some
more subtle and some more gross. And inhabiting these various levels are
various levels of demigods and demigoddesses. Some are in charge of the larger
forces of nature. Others appear to be more like playful sprites. So it may be that
some of these beings, for motives that we may not be able to entirely comprehend,
may be trying to communicate with us by strange means. The idea of searching for
signs of communication from extraterrestrial beings is paired with the idea of us earth
humans trying to communicate ourselves with the extraterrestrials. This might take
the form of us sending our own radio signals into space. Or, as happened with
some of the space probes that NASA sent up, information about us and our
planet was inscribed on metal plates. But it is interesting that in the late nineteenth
and early twentieth century, scientists who were interested in communicating with
extraterrestrials, proposed making geometric signs on earth. For example, one
proposed digging canals in the Sahara Desert and then filling them with some
flammable substance, and lighting it up at night. Another proposed carving out
a geometric representation of the Pythagorean theorem in the Siberian forests,
and then planting that area with wheat, for example, so that from outer space
there would be contrasting colors, green and yellow, in the geometric pattern.
So if earth scientists have thought of using geometric patterns, in some cases
cut in plants, as a means of communicating with extraterrestrials, then it does
not seem out of the question that extraterrestrial beings (I prefer extradimensional
beings as a more accurate term) might make use of a similar communication
device. One might wonder, what are they trying to communicate? Possibly just
that they are there. What do graffiti writers wish to communicate? Or what did
Pollock or Picasso want to communicate? In the future, someone might be
able to convince me that all the crop circles are hoaxes. But from what I have
been able to gather by studying the reports about the crop circles, it does not
seem that all of them can be explained by the hoax idea. Thus it does seem
they require explanations that go beyond the hoax idea. So those are some
Vedic speculations on crop circles. But I cannot point to any particular
Vedic statements that directly refer to a phenomenon like that of the
modern crop circles.

Sincerely yours,
Michael A. Cremo

Editor's note: Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to
Darwin's Theory,
discusses extradimensional beings.
Please visit the website to
read the online introduction to this book.

Dear Forbidden Archeology authors,

Two years ago I was on my way back from Vegas to LA and stopped near
the Calico exit to let the dogs out. I was only about 1 mile past the Mineola
Excavation site. While the dogs were running around I walked around and
came across a flat rock that appeared to have been tooled by man. It
seemed to be something that maybe Indians would grind corn on. It is
about 8" X 12" X 1" rectangular with the ends uniformly rounded. Although
I knew of the Mineola site I was unaware that Leakey and Tobias were
doing digging in the region too. We brought the rock to a young archeology
teacher at Hartnell College in Salinas who glanced at it and without a
brain in her head pronounced it a river rock. I was unsure which particular
river in the Mohave Desert she felt it came from. The rock is unlike the
surrounding rock in Calico and I am convinced it is a hand tooled
creation of early man. I found nothing else like it in that region.

I have the rock in my collection. If your people would like to get a look
at it and give me your opinion we could arrange to have you see it.

By the way, I am a science teacher at the secondary level and
purchased a copy of Forbidden Archeology book and Mysterious
Origins of Man
video tape set. I am convinced that you are on
the right track and I believe the timeline that evolutionists abide
by is way off. I teach your theories in my class and show the
videos.Thank you for offering an alternative view on the history
of mankind for the thinking people of this planet.

Michael Cremo responds: Thanks for the report. If you have read
Forbidden Archeology, then you know that I am interested primarily
in evidence for extreme human antiquity. Two things are important.
First, that the artifact be identifiable as one of human manufacture.
Two, the object should come from some geological context that can
be securely dated and/or the object itself should be datable. For the
object to be of interest to me, it should be over one or two hundred
thousand years old, as that is the time period when anatomically
modern humans are said to have come into existence. Although
my main interest is the origin of the modern human type, I do
have a secondary interest in the peopling of the New World.
According to most archeologists, humans have been present in
the Americas for only about 20,000 at most. So if an artifact
comes from a geological context at least 25,000 years old, that
would be interesting.

If you look at Forbidden Archeology, you will see that my main business
is evaluating archeological reports made by others. I am not so much in
the business of making archeological discoveries myself. I have mostly
been involved in historical research. So to a great extent, I have to rely
on evaluations of others.

So I see two things that need to be considered in the case of your artifact.

1.That it really is a human artifact. From what you say, it could be a
metate, or grinding stone. But then usually the center of the object should
be hollowed out from grinding in an obvious way, and possibly there could
be microscopic traces of the ground substance still adhering to the stone.
You can look on the web under the search word metate or metates, and
you can see numerous pictures of them. If you have pictures of your object,
you could send them to me. But better than that would be showing the
object to other archeologists and see if you can get any of them to admit
that it is a metate. Metates are fairly common, and there should be no
reason for any of them to deny it is a metate, if it shows signs of being
such, if you don't claim any great age for it.

2.The second thing would be to determine the age of the object. If it
were found on the surface, then it could possibly be of any age. So it might
be difficult to determine the age. So do you have any clues as to the age of
the object?

Anyways, thanks again for the report. It was also interesting to hear that
you are presenting some of the Forbidden Archeology material and ideas
to your students. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Cremo,
My wife and I have listened to you many times on Art Bell's Coast to Coast.
In your last appearance you mentioned something about grooved stones. A
couple of years ago I found this object on our property which is next to Indian
sacred land. I've tried to identify it but to no success. I was wondering if you
could? On the bottom there is three grooved marks.

Michael Cremo responds: Thank you for sending the pictures of the artifact.
I cannot identify what it is. It seems not to be any fossil organism. My first
speculative thought is that it might be some piece of ritual paraphernalia, meant
to channel some liquid in some ceremony. Sorry not to be of greater help in
identifying it.

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