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October 18, 2023

Issue No. 21

Athato brahma jijnasah  One should inquire into the Supreme  –First aphorism of the Vedanta-sutra

Dear Friends: Trusting that the mysteries of life are unraveling in a serendipitous manner. Correspondence and findings
are always welcome
to facilitate critical thinking and networking within new science paradigms.  Lori Erbs, Newsflash Editor

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NEWS – Michael Cremo Keynote Speaker at World Peace Convention

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NEWS ROUNDUP – Ancient tools discovered in Kenya





World Peace Convention

Michael Cremo was a keynote speaker at the World Peace Convention in Zurich, Switzerland on September 30th.
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Rogue Hero

A track called “Bookshelf Junkies” from General Gemineye’s Rogue Hero album references Michael Cremo:

"So bounce your hands in the air like an El Camino

For the forbidden archeology of Michael Cremo

For the sacred secret teachings throughout the ages

For my Shambhala shamans and all the sages”'

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Michael Cremo Chapter on Alfred Russel Wallace

A new anthology compiled by Dr. Jeffrey Mislove entitled New Thinking Allowed Dialogues: Is There Life After Death? Includes a chapter about
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Michael Cremo Lectures at Disclosurefest  

Michael Cremo’s presentation on The Silurian Hypothesis and Forbidden Archeology premieres at Disclosurefest’s Stairway to the Stars Conference November 10-12 at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Details & Tickets at:

Live Interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast

Another classic show on Monday, October 23 from 10 pm – 12 midnight pacific time

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Ancient Stone Tools Discovered in Kenya

Archaeologists in Kenya have dug up some of the
oldest stone tools ever used by ancient humans, dating back around 2.9 million years.

It is evidence that these tools were used by other branches of early humans, not just the ancestors of Homo Sapiens. Complete story at:

Exploration of Consciousness and Reality

Neuroscientists have identified a number of neural correlates of consciousness and brain states associated with specific mental states but have not explained how matter forms minds in the first place. Scholars recently gathered to debate the problem at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., during a two-day workshop focused on an idea known as panpsychism.

Full story:


I am best known for my research into archeological anomalies, things that don’t fit in the current scientific paradigm. Most
scientists today believe that humans like us first appeared on earth less than 300,000 years ago. But ancient wisdom traditions,
such as the Vedic system of knowledge in India, tell of human populations existing millions of years ago.


What difference does it make if human beings have existed for a few hundred thousand years or many millions of year? The
difference is this: if humans have been present for many millions of years, this means that we need new explanations for
human origins. But before we even ask “what is the origin of human beings?” we should first ask “what is a human being?”
Today many scientists will say we are machines made of molecules in competition with each other for survival. I don’t agree
with that. A human being is composed of three things: a gross material body made of the chemical elements, a subtle mental
body, and a conscious self (atmal). The atma can exist apart from the material body. So we have come a long way from the
stones and bones of Forbidden Archeology.


And we can go even further and explore the natural environment of the atma. In the world of matter the atma falsely identifies
with the gross material body, which is temporary. The atma feels uncomfortable in this because on some deep level the atma
understands it is meant to be experiencing eternality. We also feel uncomfortable in a world in which every brief momentary
pleasure is accompanied by different kinds of aggravation. The atma is meant to experience unalloyed pleasure.


But that can only happen if we turn out attention away from the reflections of spiritual realities to those spiritual realities. In
the still waters of a pond we may see the reflection of a mango tree standing on the bank of the pond. If we reach for the
reflection of the mango, we will not experience the true flavor of the mango. We have to reach for the real fruit. And in bhakti
yoga there are techniques for doing that.


FORUM: Comrades in the Evolution Revolution

Letters to


I just got your amazing massive book, Forbidden Archaelogy. I assumed your book would have a lot of information on Kennewick
Man and Solutrean Culture. But I found nothing on either subject. Sorry to bother you, but I just wondered why (as I've read
elsewhere that the Nordic Solutrean Vikings and the Albans (Farley Mowat - The Farfarers) were the original first human
occupants of North America, and not the Asiatics (so called "First Nations") - and why do you think that our Goverrnnents and
News Media are deceiving us about this fact? Can you also explain to me why the Solutreans and the Albans are not mentioned
n your Book? Thanks for your amazing work!


Michael Cremo responds:

Thanks for getting a copy of Forbidden Archeology. Alternative archeology is a big field, involving many questions. The main
question I was dealing with in Forbidden Archeology was the antiquity of our human species. At the time the book was
published, scientists believed the first humans like us appeared 100,000 years ago. So I was looking for reports of evidence
showing humans like us have been present for far longer than that. The Kennewick bones were thought to be less than 10,000
years old. So although I was aware of the discovery, it fit well within the  boundaries of the modern scientific timeline for the
origin of humans like us. This doesn’t mean Kennewick man isn’t of any interest. It is quite interesting in terms of possible
connections between North America and Europe during the Solutrean, starting about 20,000 years ago. But my research was
about deeper time periods, pushing the evidence for a human presence far beyond 100,000 years.


I am an independent researcher from Russia. I specifically found you because you, like me, do not support official history and
Darwinists. Because it's noodles. Do you go on expeditions? Or do you have a team of your own scientists? Because I found a
ot of places that I should check. For example, caves in the Cascade Mountains in the USA, plateaus in Venezuela and others.
It's all related to your work and research.


Michael Cremo responds:

Sometimes I do field research, sometimes I study museum collections, but mostly I research documents. I wish you success
with your research.


Send us your stories about anomalous discoveries We are looking for solid, well-documented evidence, but all accounts are welcome.

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This stone heart was found in a pile of rocks by some wood
burls placed near the utility pole in the yard. Large amounts
of rocks were pushed onto the property to build it up to help
level it by the previous owners. Many of the rocks are unique
so they were placed by those previous landowners in a
special pile by these mesquite tree burls. One day, my
husband brought in a rock to show me. Immediately I said:
'that is a heart!' And so it was found here on our property

in the Verde Valley of Arizona. The bones that are now rocks
are found in the Verde Valley of Arizona.  There are many
more to be found here.  Remnants of Giants so huge that we
are like ants to them.  These are a few of the many examples.
I can send a photo if you are interested.


Michael Cremo response:

Yes, you can send a photo.


Correspondent response:

Ok, here are some photos of the heart. There are two things
at the bottom which are not part of a heart and these seem to
be just pressed into my estimation. The photo of the
top portion is the area of the aorta and the two other vessels
and even the blood also has been fossilized inside that area
and is a different texture and look…As you can see from the
photo in front of my body this heart is bigger than an adult of
these days and times and is much bigger even than a friend

6ft4in who had held it in front of their body for comparison.
You can also see what looks like cracks on the surface of
the heart and when looking at a picture of a live heart you
will see those are blood vessels on the surface of the heart!!










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