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November 1, 2021
Issue No. 19

When sleeping women wake, mountains move Chinese proverb  
Dear Friends: Hello again after a brief hiatus of cosmic time! We trust you are well and forging ahead into a brilliant
collective future, armed with swords of knowledge, detachment, and fearlessness during these times of calamity,
coercion and chicanery.
Please share your contributions to facilitate critical thinking and networking amidst our
Forbidden Archeology cadre.
Lori Erbs, Newsflash Editor
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NEWS – Michael Cremo and The Cortex Paradox film
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NEWS ROUNDUP – Ancient tools discovered at Olduvai Gorge
World Premiere of The Cortex Paradox film
Michael Cremo is featured in The Cortex Paradox film, which was shown at the Earth Origins IV Conference
in Sedona on October 16, 2021. Episode One of this documentary explores Dave Edward’s archeological site
containing anomalous discoveries in the Four Corners region of America. Watch at:
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New Exhibit at the Museum of Forbidden Archeology
Check out the new exhibit: Extreme Antiquity of Nonhuman Species: The Salt Range Mountains of Pakistan
Forbidden Archeology and the Exterrestrial Hypothesis
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Michael Cremo again interviews with George Noory on Coast to Coast from 10 pm – Midnight Pacific time on Monday,
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Living Truth Summit
Michael Cremo joins Tricia McCannon, Peter Moon, Doshi Rich Van Don, Swaha Ron and Tison, Rob Potter, Dr. Raymond
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Ancient Barbed Bone Point Tool Discovered at Olduvai Gorge
One of the tools discovered at Olduvai Gorge is a preform of the oldest barbed bone point known. The WK East specimen pushes back the origin of barbed bone points by at least 700 kyr and implicates H. erectus as the inventor of this technology.
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Oldest genome from Wallacea shows previously unknown ancient human relations

The oldest genome of a modern human from the Wallacea region – the islands between western Indonesia and Papua New Guinea indicates a previously undescribed ancient human relationship. The international study was accomplished through close collaboration with several researchers and institutions from Indonesia.
Full story:
Galileo Project to Search for ET Artifacts
The Galileo Project is a transparent scientific project to advance a systematic experimental search for cross-validated evidence of potential astroarcheological artifacts or active technical equipment made by putative existing or extinct extraterrestrial technological civilizations (ETCs).
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In September and October of 2021, I began reconnecting with Native Americans and their cosmology. Late last year I began getting emails from Dave
Edwards in Colorado. He introduced himself as a retired anthropologist who had worked at the Smithsonian Institution, in particular the National Museum
of the American Indian. Since coming to Colorado he had established relationships with Hopi elders.  He told me of a site he had discovered on his property.
From the site he had extracted dozens of large stone objects that he interpreted as figures of humans, animals, and supernatural beings. The Hopis he
knew endorsed the site. Dave invited me to visit his site. I figured that my Forbidden Archeology research is outside the mainstream, yet I ask archeologists
to give me a hearing. So although I was a little doubtful about the site, I should give Dave a hearing, and look at the evidence first hand. In September 2021
I spent a few days there. One of them was the autumnal equinox. Dave, who has some Native American ancestry, arranged a ceremony, based on Native
American practices, for the opening of a portal at the site. A portal means a point of access to other realms. Thus there was also a psychic or spiritual
dimension to the site. I agreed to participate in a documentary about the site, a preview [see] of which was shown in October
at the Earth Origins IV conference in Sedona, Arizona. I was a speaker at this event. A Hopi elder and a Zuni elder were also speakers. I spoke on Native
Americans, Time, and Archeology. A Native American scholar, Vine Deloria, Jr., had quoted extensively from my book Forbidden Archeology in his book
Red Earth, White Lies
. He did so because the evidence for extreme human antiquity in Forbidden Archeology supported the Native American idea that
they had always been in the Americas, they had ot evolved from apes, and did not come here only 20,000 years ago, walking across a land bridge that
connected Siberia and Alaska. I was honored the Hopi and Zuni elders got copies of my books and liked my talk.
FORUM: Comrades in the Evolution Revolution
Letters to
Google Choctaw Birthplace and find Nanih Waiya Site (birthplace of Choctaws) with Mound & Cave. This Cave is not natural and reported to be 130 ft with various
entrances (in 1970) and I know others from this mentioned time who said there was also rooms but all is now flooded. I know of no date attached to the construction
of this cave and wonder about such? Maybe European Trader/Explorers or Ice Age Survival Pod. I visited the area in the 1980's prior to it being posted and find it
highly strange with it proximity to the Ceremonial Mound aka The Birthplace where it is also said "our people came out of the earth" would present one history that
this tribe is of subterranean decent? I'm looking to learn additional insight about this cave (man dug) or other sites which exist or were known to exist and not to be
confused with cliff dwellers & natural cave formations. Please reply & look forward to your Coast2Coast [interview].
Michael Cremo responds:
I looked on Google at the information on the Nanih Waiya site. It is interesting, but right now I do not have any explanation to give you. All the options you mentioned
are possible. You know much more about the place than I do. If you find out anything further, let me know.
Good afternoon Michael, I enjoy your work and have both of your books. I have a question, Do you use/accept Radio Carbon Dating as a means to date things? Especially if the item is 40.000 years and younger and also could you tell me all the methods of dating that you accept and use? Thank you. Tehuti

Michael Cremo responds:
I don’t use radiocarbon dating myself. I am not a field archeologist. I am more of an historian of archeology, which means I study archeological reports. In evaluating them, I also have to evaluate the dating methods they use. These include radiocarbon, uranium series, nitrogen content, argon isotope, dating, etc. These radiometric dating methods seem to be based on fairly sound scientific principles. Problems arise mostly in connection with contamination of samples, which can happen in many ways, especially with radiocarbon dating. For example, what if we have a fossil human bone that is 3 million years old. If it has been contaminated by the least amount of modern carbon14, it will show an age of less than 40,000 years even though it is really far older. If the accelerator mass spectrometry method is used for the radiocarbon dating, the 40,000 year limit can be extended to about 100,000 years. But the contamination issue remains. It’s the same with all the other methods. They are based on sound principles, but in any particular case they could be in error.

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  Hi Michael
   I am an amateur rock explorer from Northern Alabama (Jackson and Madison counties)
   I think I have found some amazing surface finds on private property that hopefully ties in with your book, Forbidden Archaeology. (Found in remote parts of a creek and river)
   I took several pictures, front, back and sides of two pebble choppers. Page 165 of your book.
   The last is a snake or turtle head?
   I also have many other artifacts (hand axes, an amazing stone cleaver with a carved hominid on the back.
   Please let me know how to proceed. I can send these items to you for inspection if you like.  
Best regards,
George Davis
Dear George Davis,
The objects do seem to be pebble choppers. For me the main consideration would be their age. I am interested in things that are too old to be accommodated in the current timeline of modern science. Most archeologists would say that no humans came to the Americas any earlier than about 30,000 years ago. So if these things are older than that, that would be significant. Of course, because they are surface finds, they would be hard to date.
Michael Cremo
Hello, I have one of these spheres and I'm trying to sell it …
If you have any suggestions please let me know.
I will attach a picture.


It looks like a sphere with an equatorial groove, somewhat corroded. It could be a bola stone. How did you get it, and where is it from?
Michael Cremo
Correspondent response:
…My brother took it to University of Louisville and spoke to a professor that taught archeology type classes he wanted to cut it in half, he said no. Professor told him it belonged in a museum…Would like to get it x-rayed.  Just need advice on what to do with it. I didn't want it to be discarded if I passed. Would like to see if it is museum quality…I can send more pictures if you like or I could weigh it, it's pretty heavy.  At first thought it was a canon ball before I seen the show, but it's not magnetic. Lol Have a great day and thanks in advance for your time.
Thank you for the further details. That there is no information about where the object was originally found, makes it less meaningful from the scientific point of view. X-rays of the sphere sounds like a good idea. I can understand you not wanting to have it cut in half. You might considering giving a small sample of the object to some company that does metallurgic analysis. They could tell you what it’s made of…
Best wishes,
Michael Cremo

Correspondent response:
Also this rock has gold or metallic surface not sure if you can see in the pics. I don't see where it could have been a bola rock. 
[Editor’s note: If anyone is interested in purchasing this anomalous artifact let us know and we will put you in touch with its owner]