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January 16, 2012

Issue No. 16

May you sail the seas of humanity in peace as you live poetically and may yours be a journey of hope and happiness where every breath is a miracle and every moment is filled with love.  -Micheal Teal

Dear friends, 2012 already seems to be racing ahead to the end of the Mayan Calendar. Let’s make

time for reading, contemplation and completion in the days ahead.  Lori Erbs, Newsflash Editor

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NEWS – Joint Symposium with Michael Cremo and Indian Ambassador

NEWS ROUNDUP – Indisputable proof of Yeti’s existence

FORTHCOMING EVENTS – Michael Cremo at 2012 Conscious Life Expo


MCREMO.COM – New Exhibit at Museum of Forbidden Archeology






Public Symposium with Indian Ambassador


In August the Bhaktivedanta College in Budapest, Hungary arranged a public symposium at which the Indian Ambassador for Hungary and Michael Cremo spoke and answered questions. Afterwards, Michael visited at the ambassador’s embassy residence for lunch and discussions.



Human Skull Study Causes Evolutionary Headache


Scientific researchers at the Universities of Manchester and Barcelona have shown that changes to the skull shape previously thought to have occurred independently through separate evolutionary events may have actually precipitated each other.


Siberian Region Claims ‘Indisputable Proof’ Yeti Exists


A Russian region in Siberia on Monday confidently proclaimed that its mountains are home to yetis after finding "indisputable proof" of the existence of the hairy beasts in an expedition.

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Michael Cremo’s January 2012 Tour of Tamil Nadu Academic Institutions


Michael Cremo returns to South India in January 2012 to lecture at colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu.

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2012 Conscious Life Expo Features Panels and Workshops with Michael Cremo


The 2012 Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles February 10-12 features a workshop with Michael Cremo  on Forbidden Archeology and Human Origins at 2:00 pm on Sunday, Feb. 12. He is also on the Ancient Aliens Panel at 8:00 pm on Friday, Feb. 10 and the UFO Panel at 9:00 am on Sunday morning.  Visit for full details.


Michael Cremo Keynote Speaker at Human Odyssey Conference in Seattle


Michael Cremo will lecture on The Hidden History of the Human Race at the Human Odyssey Conference in Seattle on Saturday, February 4, 2012. See



Megalithomania South Africa and UK Conferences


Michael Cremo is a featured speaker at both the Megalithomania South Africa and UK Conferences.

Go to: for full details


2012 Mayan Galactic Alignment Cruise with Michael Cremo, George Noory and other Cutting Edge Speakers


The 2012 Mayan Galactic Alignment Cruise (December 17-22) from Galveston to the Yucatan celebrates the end of the world and beginning of a new one, with tours of ancient sacred sites and presentations by personalities such as Michael Cremo, George Noory, Philip Gardiner and many others.  Please visit: for info and registration details. If you decide to go, please mark Michael Cremo as the referral contact on your registration form.





On February 10, 2012, I will be part of a panel discussion at the Conscious Life Expo on the tv series Ancient Aliens, which has aired on the History Channel over the past couple of years. I appeared in several episodies of the series.

The theme of the show is that in ancient times, extraterrestrials visited the earth in spacecraft. I agree with that. According to some ancient alien researchers, the extra terrestrial were in all cases “flesh and blood” creatures  who had advanced mechanical technology, and the terrestrial humans  who saw them took them to be gods and began to worship them. According to this point of view, this was the origin of many of the world’s religious systems.

I do not entirely agree. My thoughts on extraterrestrials are influenced by my studies of the ancient Sanskrit writings of India. These texts reveal a complex cosmology, which in some ways conforms to the ideas of modern ancient aliens researchers and in some ways differs. According to the Puranas, the historical and cosmological texts of ancient India, there are different kinds of extraterrestrial beings.

First, there is a supreme conscious being who exists on the spiritual level of reality. This supreme conscious being sometimes descends into this material world in spiritual forms called avataras. In this sense, God is an extraterrestrial being who sometimes descends into this world of our experience. People who witnessed these descents of God and began to worship them acted properly.

The main purpose of the avataras was to call us back to our original home, the spiritual world, beyond the world of matter. Therefore we are all extraterrestrial beings, because our real origin is not this world of our experience. The ancient Sanskrit writings of India inform us that humans who became qualified to reenter the spiritual world were sometimes taken there in spiritual spacecraft called vimanas, piloted by residents of the spiritual world. The spiritual vimanas are not only used to fly from the material world to the spiritual world. They are also to be found flying from place to place in the spiritual world.

But in addition to these spiritual vimanas, piloted by liberated spiritual beings, there are subtle material vimanas piloted by demigods. he demigods are not purely spiritual beings. They are not Gods with a capital G. Demigods are beings like us humans, only more powerful. Because of their good karma, they are given powerful positions in the administration of material universe. Sometimes they visit the earth in their vimanas, which are made of subtle material elements. People, awed by the powers of the demigods , would worship them. But according to strict followers of ancient Indian spirituality, humans should worship only the supreme God, not the demigods.

Although humans should not worship demigods as Gods, some humans, seeing their powers and vehicles, such as their vimanas, did worship this category of extraterrestrials. Actually the demigods are creatures of God, just like we humans are creatures of God. So they should not be worshiped as God. This conforms to the basic premise of many prominent modern ancient alien researchers, namely that humans sometimes start worshiping extraterrestrials who are not really God.

Ordinary humans were sometimes able to get higher beings to give them vimanas, or aircraft, suitable for their human purposes. These machines, unlike the vimanas of the demigods, were made of metal. For example, in the Shrimad Bhagavatam (10.76.5-22), we learn that about five thousand years ago a very materialistic human king named Shalva got a vimana from Maya Danava, an extraterrestrial engineer.  

So in my view there are many kinds of extraterrestrials and many kinds of extraterrestrial technologies, including different kind of vimanas, or spacecraft. There are nonmaterial extraterrestrials and vimanas, there are subtle material extraterrestrials and vimanas, and there are gross material extraterrestrials and vimanas. Some of the extraterrestrials are manifestations of God and deserve to be worshiped. Some of them are simply demigods, who are creatures of God, just like we terrestrial humans are creatures of God. If ancient people saw these demigods and worshiped them that is understandable, but the demigods are not Gods, with a capital G, and really do not deserve to be worshiped as such. And there were also in ancient times flesh and blood humans who got vimanas from  extraterrestrial engineers.

Although I did not agree with everything that was said in the various episodes of the Ancient Aliens series, I was happy to participate in the series because the topic is an important one and the public should learn more and more about it. I especially wanted to draw attention to what the ancient Sanskrit writings of India have to say about extraterrestrials and spacecraft. Even though I might have differences with other ancient aliens researchers, we all nevertheless agree on a lot of things, the basic one being that extraterrestrials, with spacecraft, visited earth in ancient times. update


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Nature’s IQ Documentary

Ancient American Magazine

Sasquatch People

Letters to

Dear Mr. Cremo ,

Did you read the book Supernatural written by Graham Hancock? Recently this book was published in portuguese in Brazil. In my opinion, this book is very controversial. According to Hancock, there are many parallels between UFO abductions and shamanic hallucinatory experiences.

In Peruvian Amazon, Graham Hancock drank ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinatory drug. While he was under the influence of ayahuasca, he saw entities very similar to "aliens " and spacecrafts very similar to modern UFOS. According to Peruvian shamans, these drugs open the gateway to the world of spirits.

Mr. Cremo, what is your opinion about these hallucinatory drugs? Are the aliens physical or extraphysical beings? Is it possible that the Vimanas have been a hallucinatory experience or altered state of consciousness underwent by the Indian shaman? Did the Vimanas and other ancient UFOs really exist?


Best wishes



Michael Cremo responds:


I suggest you read carefully my book Human Devolution, in which I discuss links between paranormal experiences and UFO experiences. There are different kinds of UFO and alien beings. Some of them are ordinary material things, but some are higher more subtle types of beings. I know Graham personally, and I heard him speak this weekend at a conference at which we were both speakers. He was careful to say that higher states of consciousness can be achieved by means other than psychoactive plant substances. I myself believe that higher states of awareness are best achieved by spiritual disciplines like yoga, meditation, congregational chanting of sacred sounds, sometimes while dancing, etc.


Dear Mr. Cremo,

Recently I've read your book 'Forbidden Archeology'.
In your search for the finds that contradict the current theory, did you unearth the similar finds for any modern animals?

Thanks in advance


Michael Cremo responds:


In my book Human Devolution, I mention flowering plants and insects found in early Cambrian formations about 600 million years old. In recent years, paleontologists have found fossils of a large carnivorous mammal resembling a large dog in Cretaceous formations in China. They found this animal was eating small dinosaurs. This was quite astonishing because previous to this discovery most scientists thought the only mammals that existed at that time were small like a mouse. There are also many modern animals like turtles and alligators that have existed pretty much unchanged for over 100 million years. Sharks are also in that category. Of course, there are millions of species. I chose to focus on the human species. In my research I examined the entire scientific literature on human antiquity in many different languages, from the time of Darwin to the present. That took about eight years to do the initial research, and I am continuing that research. I think it would be worthwhile for some researchers to do extensive research into the entire scientific literature on other animals.













Dear Mr Cremo,

I am writing to advise you of an intriguing discovery I recently made. In your book ‘The Hidden History of the Human Race’ page 106 and in many other books and online platforms dealing with the issue of mankind's very ancient traces, the issue of a Bell Shaped object blasted out of rock some millions of year old is often reported. This strange object was allegedly recovered in Massachusetts in June of 1851 and remains unexplained to this day.

Attempts to identify this curious object by Dr JVC Smith and no doubt many others such as Harvard College have all failed, therefore, this curious object remains an enigma.

Mr Cremo I am writing to you to advise that I have found an almost identical object.  Please the see the picture attached. If you compare this to the one featured you will see that the similarity is uncanny. I believe the significance of this find raises many question as to age and origin etc.

Being a genuine supporter of your findings and belief that mans’ origins go back way beyond current theory I thought this may be of some interest. Happy to discuss. 




Thanks for your report and photo. There was no photograph or drawing of the object published in the original report in Scientfiic American. The report does mention a drawing made by Smith, but that has not been found. On the web sometimes a photo of a bell shaped object is shown in connection with stories about the object, but I am not sure that is a photo of the actual object.

Sincerely yours,
Michael A. Cremo

Dear Michael,


I have discovered carved stones with up to 3mm of concretion coating evenly covering them .The core of siltstone is estimated at 5-15 million yrs. old. Dr. Hamish Campbell .G.N.S. N.Z. The concreted stones "in situ ' are estimated at 4 million yrs. old {Dr. H. Campbell}. 1/2 million {by Prof.Hikai Tane}. When were they carved and by whom? I have hundreds of these carved stones, most of them carved with personal intricate face profiles.


Amatuer Archaeologist New Zealand


Michael Cremo responds:

Thank you for your interesting report and pictures. When you say the carved stones are in situ, they are in situ in what? Are they in situ in a solid bed of stone? Or are they in loose deposits? Have you published anything on your discoveries. If so, please send me a copy. It would be interesting for me to have the complete references from the scientists you mention in your letter.

Correspondent’s response:

The "in situ"positioning is 3metres down on a cliff face embedded in hard clay as in Tsunami deposit.  Re. verification from scientists viewing my sites, their opinion is only verbal. I have had a lot of scepticism concerning my sites and finds. I have been attempting to get protection for many years but I can't get the establishment to assist, because of course it doesn't fit with our history, University curricullum. G.N.S. scientists still insist that the carved forms are only natural occurences. I have tutored Polynesian art in Secondary schools and polytechs, and am an ivory and whale bone carver and artist of repute. I have written many journals {40} unpublished on the subject but have never been financial enough to follow through.


Yours faithfully





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