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June 13, 2001
Issue No. 6
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“The Supreme Truth exists outside and inside of all living
beings, the moving and the nonmoving.  Because He is
subtle, He is beyond the power of the material senses to
see or to know.  Although far, far away, He is also near to all.
-Bhagavad-gita As It Is,  Chapter 13, Verse 16.
Hello again, after so long a time!  As Michael Cremo prepares
to embark upon his Summer 2001 European tour we notice
that the world is hopping with anomalous discoveries,
alternative investigations, and new explanations.    As always,
we welcome your contributions to facilitate critical thinking
and networking amidst our diverse community of
Forbidden Archeology compatriots.
–Lori Erbs, Newsflash Editor.

Michael Cremo lectures at Microsoft

On Wednesday, May 30, 2001, Michael Cremo presented a
lecture/slideshow on “Forbidden Archeology: Evidence
Against Darwin’s Theory” for Microsoft employees at the
company’s international headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

Learning Channel Special on Atlantis - June 22, 2001

Watch for an upcoming Learning Channel special called “Atlantis
in the Andes” featuring Michael Cremo and other authorities on
anomalous evidence for ancient human origins.   Airdate is June
22, 2001 at 10:00 pm.  Check your local stations for time variance.

Origin of the Human Species

Dr. Dennis Bonnette has released an interdisciplinary work entitled
Origin of the Human Species that critically evaluates the best
arguments supporting and opposing biological evolution, with
extensive analysis of the philosophical possibility of inter-specific
evolution. In it he devotes an entire chapter to Forbidden Archeology.
For more information visit:

You Are Being Lied To

Disinformation Books announces a new release edited
by Russ Kick called You Are Being Lied To: The
Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion,Historical
Whitewashes and Cultural Myths (April 2001). Michael Cremo
has contributed a chapter on Forbidden Archeology for this
compilation of exposes.
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Press Conference on The Disclosure Project

Washington, DC – May 9, 2001 Twenty former government
workers testified that they had witnessed evidence of aliens
and unidentified flying objects at a press conference at the
National Press Club organized by Steven Greer, Director of the
Disclosure Project, a nonprofit research organization
dedicated to disclosing alleged alien sightings.
Go to: for more info.

Kenyanthropus platyops

Lake Turkana, Kenya.  Meave Leakey and her
colleagues have discovered fossil evidence for
a new genus and species of early hominin
called Kenyanthropus platyops.  The cranium,
dated to 3.5 million years ago, adds another
twist to the already complex and unresolved
tapestry of human evolution. For complete story go to:

Carbon 14 Dating Update

Tucson – May 14, 2001  A team of American and British
scientists report that radiocarbon levels in Earth’s
atmosphere during the last Ice Age were more than
twice as high as today.  Since marking time with
Carbon 14 requires an accurate record of atmospheric
radiocarbon through time, this discovery necessitates
recalculations for a dating method that is already
regarded as highly inaccurate.
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Unsolved Mysteries Exhibit Opening in Vienna

Michael Cremo will speak at a conference to open the
Unsolved Mysteries Exhibit June 22-23 in Gartenbaukino,
Vienna.  This rare exhibit featuring 300 out-of-place artifacts
from around the world will be shown at the Vienna Arts Center
in Schottenshift from June 22-September 21, 2001.
For more info go to:

Earth-Star Gathering

The Earth-Star Gathering, Songs of the Morning Star Gathering
will take place on the Yankton Sioux Reservation, SD August
3-5, 2001.
For more info contact <>

Prophet’s Conference in Victoria, BC

Don’t miss the Prophet’s Conference at the University of
Victoria, British Columbia August 17-19, 2001!
Check it out at:


In August 1999, Meave Leakey and her colleagues found a nearly
complete hominid skeleton  near Lake Turkana,  Kenya. The
creature is 3.5 million years old, roughly the same age as
Australopithecus afarensis. The most famous member of the
A. afarensis family is Lucy, discovered in Ethiopia in the 1970s by
Don Johanson, and long trumpeted as a direct human ancestor.
But that distinction is now in danger of being lost to an upstart.
Instead of identifying her find as a new member of the genus
Australopithecus, Meave Leakey stirred up the hominid world by
creating a new genus and species for it: Kenyanthropus platyops.
One feature that especially distinguished the new hominid from
Australopithecus, according to Leakey, was its flat facial profile
(hence the species name platyops, which means “flat face”).
Scientists now cannot be sure that the first human ancestor was
Lucy. Maybe it was Flat Face.  That would be quite a shock,
because up to now, everyone has thought the human ancestor
from this time period (3-4 million years ago) was sure to be a
member of the Australopithecus family.

Actually, the annoucement of K. platyops by Meave Leakey is
just the latest shot in a war against Australopithecus that has