Entrance to the Khewra Mine

The apparent conflict between the geological and paleobotanical evidence can be resolved by adopting the approach taken by Gee, who proposed that an advanced land flora and insect fauna may have existed in the Cambrian or Precambrian. Although this perspective challenges accepted views on the evolution of life on earth it seems to be the most reasonable way to bring all categories of evidence into harmony.

Paleobotanical and geological evidence from the Salt Range in Pakistan suggests that advanced plants, including gymnosperms and angiosperms, as well as insects, existed in the early Cambrian, consistent with historical accounts in the Puranic literature. When considered in relation to extensive evidence for an anatomically modern human presence extending back to the same period, the evidence from the Salt Range suggests the need for a complete reevaluation of current ideas about the evolution of life on earth.

Inside the Khewra Salt Mine
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