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E.H. Pascoe
Gee (1934) gave his own opinion about the age of the Salt Range Formation, which he called the “Saline series.” He concluded that both it and the Kohat salt deposits were of the same Eocene age. The Kohat salt was in its normal position, but Gee noted that “a very regular thrust of immense dimensions must be postulated in order to explain the present position of the Saline series beneath the early Paleozoics (or pre-Cambrian).” Concerning foraminifera found by him in Salt Range Formation deposits, he admitted that they might be derived from more recent formations. But Gee noted, “Plant fragments, however, have been found not only in beds of doubtful age but also in beds which are regarded as being definitely in situ in the Saline series.” He regarded this as evidence the Salt Range Formation was not Cambrian.