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Perusing the displays at the Museum of Geology in Lisbon, Portugal

Michael A. Cremo is research associate in history of archeology. He is a member of the World Archaeological Congress since 1993. His WAC3 paper "Puranic Time and the Archaeological Record" was published in the Routledge One World Archaeology series volume Time and Archaeology (1999), edited by Tim Murray. He is also a member of the European Association of Archaeologists. In 2002 Cremo's paper, "The Later Discoveries of Boucher de Perthes at Moulin Quignon and Their Impact on the Moulin Quignon Jaw Controversy," (presented at the XXth International Congress for History of Science in Liege, Belgium) was included in a conference proceedings volume from the scientific publisher Brepols. Cremo is the principal author of the book Forbidden Archeology, a comprehensive historical survey of archaeological anomalies. In a review in British Journal for History of Science, Tim Murray said the book "provides the historian of archaeology with a useful compendium of case studies in the history and sociology of scientific knowledge, which can be used to foster debate within archaeology about how to describe the epistemology of one's discipline. Cremo examines the history of archeology from the standpoint of alternative worldviews, particularly those with foundations in ancient Indian wisdom traditions."