The Forbidden Archeologist Rap video:
Whatever you thought about origins
whoever they taught was our next of kin
let’s review the records with care again
Do you dare to sail with this hip captain
aboard his mystery history ship?
Cast off preconceptions when you listen
to the solid logic and proof within
forbidden archeology rappin’
Challenging Darwin’s ideology
Big Bang theories, mainstream orthodoxy,
survival of the fittest, those who perceive
that people descended from chimpanzees,
complex machines made of matter only,
mere sequences through mutations of genes
while natural selection reigns supreme
inside a book charting our ancestry
filled with facts and the possibility
humans like us were here previously
we’re talking about a radical read
that’s called Forbidden Archeology
After years of critical inquiry
collecting evidence that was concealed
about extreme human antiquity
a thick hardback sparking controversy
shocked the establishment’s widespread belief
about the creation of our species
and claims of the phylogenetic tree
exposing fraud and anomalies
and Knowledge Filters in geology
with new ways of viewing our galaxy
Our collective intelligence was freed
to probe such suppression of specimens
as shifts of wits transformed society
contesting evolutionary creed
with scientific credibility
Seekers of the truth, fossils in situ,
change agents advancing incognito,
digging artifacts in stratums below
or from a well boring in Idaho,
figure stones buried where nobody goes,
etched into shell a face precisely so
from the Red Crag formation’s North Sea coast;
the great age of the Foxhall Jaw disclosed,
crude mortars and pestles from mines of gold,
archival accounts of rare items shown
(those Klerksdorp spheres are exceedingly old)
Case after case of hidden stories unfold
from annals of discoveries untold
Tools at Miramar from the Pleistocene,
the Laetoli skull from the Pliocene,
hammerstones quarried from the Miocene.
eoliths found in the Oligocene,
skeletons exposed in the Eocene
from Table Mountain’s auriferous seams,
flint deposits from the Paleocene
Such details from archival files revealed
inside Forbidden Archeology
Primeval relics from the Jurassic,
hominid footprints dated Triassic
discoveries of implements classic
hidden under veins of earth fantastic
Investigations analytic
into restricted zones cataclysmic,
the Forbidden Archeologist kicks
upon closed minds with wisdom didactic
A professor of sheer veracity,
testing successions of stratigraphy
questioning the lineage of Lucy
tracing the imprints of causality
unveiling mantles of reality
and plying concepts of complexity
while imparting Vedic philosophy
to progressive sectors who are leery
of the faults of geochronology
Censored from lecturing around the globe
by gatekeepers who attempt to impose
mental prisons around those who oppose
different perspectives of the cosmos
When values and ideas clash like foes
and fresh models of thinking are proposed
seeds of cognitive dissonance are sowed
yet a few sweeping ideas will grow
upon fertile psyches as fast streams flow
where the sunshine of enlightenment glows
and the Forbidden Archeologist goes
Copyright 2022 Lori Erbs
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